Bachelors Strippers and Hookers – What Really Happens


Patrick was sweet, shy, handsome, and very quiet.  He smiled, blushed, and protested.  He was in love with a woman that he couldn’t wait to marry.  He was steadfast, loyal, and true.  He wanted nothing to do with anyone but his bride.  His future father-in-law was there – the Father of the Bride.  His future brother-in-laws were there – the protective and overbearing brothers of the bride. 

Of course Patrick’s fiance was aware of what was going on.  The guys were taking him out for his last harrah as a single man.  He would get a few dances from some lovely ladies, look, but not touch, and then go back to his waiting bride.  If the bride became jealous she would be deemed crazy.  There was nothing to be jealous about.  Nothing would happen.

The previous paragraph is the world most women live in.  However, then there’s what really happens.  What they guys don’t talk about.  Taken right out of section 8, part B, of paragraph 6 of Guy Code:  “Before a guy gets married, when taken out by his friends, he is allowed as much sexual intercourse as he would like, and then after he is fully satisfied, he must be pushed to engage in even more fukery before ending the night.  Fathers are sworn to secrecy from their daughters, and brothers from their sisters.  Any man that considers himself a friend of the groom must endeavor to hire anyone they are able to find, to have sex with the groom, and to orally stimulate him.  No one is to ever breathe a word to any woman.”

And this is the code of conduct which hundreds of “faithful” partners engage in.  The truest, most loyal of all, get a free pass on the night of their bachelor party.  Men you would expect to be horrified at the idea find themselves customers of strip club hookers.

I spotted sweet Patrick and his party.   I knew what they were looking for, but decided to make some quick money before they found what they wanted.  I took Patrick to a private room.  We talked as I danced on his lap topless.  I asked him about his fiance.  He gazed at me enjoying what he saw.  Patrick talked so lovingly about his girl.  He was smitten in love with her.  I collected my money and bid the party farewell.  While Patrick and I were busy one of his boys had found what they were looking for.  

Patrick took the condom from his friend’s outstretched hand, and boarded the elevator heading up to the third floor.  Jewel held his hand flirting with him before delivering everything that was had been arranged and promised.  Patrick had his last harrah with a hooker before standing before God and his wife he next morning.  But there was nothing unique about Patrick.  Every bachelor did the same thing.

1 thought on “Bachelors Strippers and Hookers – What Really Happens

  1. I understand where you’re coming from because you have seen a lot of bachelors come in and put it in their “but” file. They say to themselves I would never cheat on her “but” it’s my bachelor party. I see many people finding many ways to justify something they know at their core they shouldn’t do. They find loopholes to justify this once which opens the door for the next loophole. It all comes down to your level of commitment to yourself and the person you are with. There are many men out there that hold themselves to a higher standard than me because they know that it is right for them and they hold that standard because they want to be a man that their wife/girlfriend can look to as their rock, the safe haven that will always be there.
    There are always choices and there is always things that can make it easy to make the wrong decision. I have always looked at whether or not my choices will compromise her trust in me, whether she would know about it or not is irrelevant, my choices are who I am and if she is truly loved my choices are always made with her in mind.

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